Composer: copy data to user folder

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I've been using Composer to create installation packages for quite some time, but I haven't found a real way to do the following. I want to install files on different computers in the user folder. The user folders always have a different name on the different computers.
As an example:
I have the following file: /Users/tripleb/test.txt
I would like to install this file on other computers. When creating a package, the user name is logically in the path. If I install the package on a computer with the user name "testuser", a new user folder named "tripleb" is created and the file is copied into it. But I want the file to be copied to the user folder of "test123".

What is the best way to do this?


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You could push the file with a script to install for the current user.

Or, instead of a package create a .DMG and install using the FUT/FEU.


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Okay sounds good but I can't find the settings (FUT/FEU) like on the screenshot.

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@TripleB The settings highlighted by @mvu are in the Jamf Admin, not composer. If you just want to use Composer to create a pkg that will distribute independent of Jamf then you would have to include some sort of postinstall script that copies files to existing users directories.