Computer account creation failed (need to change password)

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Hi y'all,

So I setup PreStage Enrollment and Require Authentication when setting up the MacBook.
We also setup Enrollment Customization Configuration so the user can use it's Azure AD credentials and the computer account is pre-filled with account information.

Everyting works fine, except when the Create a Computer Account window appears, there is a popup with the following message:

You haven't provided all of the requested information.

When we press the Go Back button, still the Computer Account window is shown (and pre-filled with all the information), but we have to change the password.
Otherwise it is not possible to continue.

This is not user friendly at all.

What is causing this? Any solutions for this?

We are using only M1 Mac's.

See screenshot for the warning.error-klein.png


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We've only seen this where the macOS has been re-installed.  In our case, a full erase via Apple Configurator worked ok.

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So if I'm reading that correctly you have it requiring authentication and also an enrollment customization with an SSO pane? If you're using a different account for one or the other then I'd think the pre-fill info may get a bit confused, but that's my 1000ft view on that subject.

Also if you have the Apple ID step enabled in the pre-stage, turn it off. Do you have any passcode(password) requirement config profiles scoped to these?