Computer Assignment Reverting

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I have a couple of systems where I have repeatedly changed the assigned user within the Jamf Pro interface by visiting the computer's record, clicking on the 'User and Location' field, then the 'Edit' button, searching for the user via username in LDAP, then saving via the 'Save' button.

Each time, the record(s) list the correct user afterwards.  If I refresh the page, the correct user is still listed, but when I check later, the record has revered to the previously assigned user.

This is a JamfCloud instance, with 10.30.3-t1624643096 installed.

Has anyone recently run into any similar behavior?  I found a few similar items discussed in JamfNation, but they were all older, and seemed to involve Active Directory, which we aren't using.


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Have you looked at the Change Management log to see what caused the record to change the user name field back?

Yeah, probably should have given more detail on that.  I do see my changes in the Change Management log, but no other computer record changes after that point.  Looking in the computer record (for each computer), then at History / User & Location History, I see my change yesterday, then many changes back to the old name - about every 15-20 minutes. 

Might be happening at the same time as policy runs, but I'm not sure what policy would be causing such a thing.  We don't have any that write to the computer record as far as I can recall.

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Computer records just don't update by itself. There are only a few ways to modify a computer record. Either by a person such as yourself or through the Jamf API.  Does anything show in the computer's policy logs that stand out?

No, Computer Records certainly do not update by themselves.   Settings in software and databases do sometimes update due to bugs or misconfigurations, however.  As a developer, I'm aware that computers do not do things without being instructed to, and I'm doubly aware that sometimes they are given instructions with unintended side effects.  

Nothing in the policy logs could have updated the computer records.  There's a few 'Update Inventory' line items in each computer's policy logs, some policies enforcing various local settings,  and one or two Adobe package installations.  None of the scripts called by the policies are written to explicitly interact with the Jamf API, and none have any code to write data to the Jamf API. I'm 100% positive of that.

Additionally, we have a very small staff and I am 100% sure that none of them are changing the records.  Beyond the fact that all state that they haven't edited them, it would be pretty weird if someone was going in each day and editing the same 5-6 computer records to match the same previous user, especially in the cases where that previous user is no longer with the company. 


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I totally understand your predicament and issue. And yeah that would be very weird for someone to update the record for no reason besides pissing you off. I think the best option is that you go to Jamf Support and see what they can do to help troubleshoot this.