Computer Level Wi-Fi Profile leaves stale certificates

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We're deploying a computer level Wi-Fi profile with a SCEP certificate. When the cert is set to expire, it renews, but instead of replacing the cert, it just adds a new one to the system keychain. The end result is that the user accumulates a lot of old certificates and starts getting false notifications about an expiring configuration profile. Anyone else seen this?


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While we don't have auto renew on, we are seeing the same thing when the user select the renew button. We totally rushed certs in to production and in out 5 or 6 tests we didn't see this behavior ..... leading me to think something isn't working on the Apple side...


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We see the same thing however our Profiles are User Level and the certificates go into the Login Keychain.

I am considering looking at the Jamf Pro SCEP Proxy capability in Jamf Pro 10.

I'm not sure if it is going to do what we are after but I'll see what happens.