Computer Name Resets After Enrollment Completes

New Contributor II

I use DEPNotify to set the computer name and asset tag. DEPNotify runs from a policy that is triggered by enrollmentComplete. The computer is named and bound to AD and an update inventory at the end sets the name in JAMF. This is the only policy that is triggered by enrollmentComplete.

After the policy completes there I see in the jamf.log file and entry "Removing existing launchd task /Library/LaunchDaemons/" After this the computer name in Jamf reverts to a generic name, i.e.; MacBook Air. The computer name stays this way until after policies run that are triggered by recurring check-in. When these policies are completed there is an Update inventory run and the correct name is restored in Jamf.

Anybody have an idea why this is happening? I was hoping that the name would stick between the enrollmentComplete and recurring check-in as some policies in triggered in recurring check-in are scoped bySmart groups whose criteria is based on the name of the computer.