Config Profile Greyed Out

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I have an issue with a Macbook where the configuration profile is greyed out. The main issue is this Macbook has been infected Chumsearch and variants which cannot be removed because the config profile is greyed out. Even under a local admin account, the profile is not accessible.

I have performed all of the troubleshooting steps and I have run multiple Malwarebyte scans which don't remove the threat. I have booted into Safe mode which doesn't resolve the problem either. It appears Chrome and Safari were both infected by Chumsearch.

It was suggested in other forums to run these commands to hopefully remove the threat and any variants of it.

sudo profiles -L or list
sudo profiles -R -p com.myshopcoupon.www

Does anyone have any suggestions? The computer is managed by an MDM server and I don't want to lose any data on the computer. I want to remove the profile without data loss.


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it's not clear from your post, but did you actually try the sudo profiles -R -p command with the profile identifier in there? Does it work? I assume maybe it does not or you probably wouldn't be posting here.
If worst to comes to worst, can the primary data be backed up and the machine wiped or OS reinstalled?

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Hi there. I have the same problem. When I run this: sudo profiles list It tells me I have 2 profiles: _computerlevel[1] attribute: profileIdentifier:
_computerlevel[2] attribute: profileIdentifier: com.myshopcoupon.safari
There are 2 system configuration profiles installed

But when I run the other script:
sudo profiles -R -p com.myshopcoupon.www

or this:

sudo profiles remove -identifier com.myshopcoupon.www

it gives me this error:
profiles remove for identifier:'com.myshopcoupon.ww' and user:'root' returned -205 (Unable to locate configuration profile.)

What else can I try?
Thanks in advance. Need to know ASAP.

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Has anyone found a solution for this? I'm running into this issue with the CA Certificate installed during Jamf user-enrollment.