Configuration Profile Config Stuck in User Despite Removal?

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Weird little problem I've been trying to track down:

We have several labs where a previous employee had been using a Custom Settings payload to push out for all users on the computer so dock config resets at logout... Yes, I know there are other ways to handle this.

Config profile was created in a JSS version before history was added, and I don't remember exactly when the profile was created. It worked fine up until 9.4 - when we upgraded to 9.4, all dock items from the were duplicated into the "user items" portion on the right-hand side of the divider.

When the profile is removed, users are able to modify the left-hand side of the dock just fine. The duplicated icons from the dock in the profile remain.

I have tried removing or resetting several things, none of which appear to do anything to reset the items stored in the right-hand portion of the dock:
- Trash ~/Library/Preferences/ (resets left side only - existing doesn't list any of the replicated items anyhow.)
- Trash ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*
- Combination of both above.
- Removal of an affected user's home (on next login, home is created from template with replicated items in dock - even though they are not listed in

Creation of an entirely new user does not exhibit any symptoms.
We have since updated to 9.65, and I have re-created a dock policy from a fresh dock and uploaded to that instance. I can add and remove this policy on computers without issue on unaffected users.

Any user created while profile 'tainted' by the JSS upgrade is scoped ends up with dock config somehow tied to it in a way that does not correspond to a user home.
Scoping a known-good policy to a tainted user does not fix the problem (it just configures the left side of their dock - the right remains full of the duplicated items.)

Running profiles across different users doesn't really provide me with much to go on.

Any suggestions about where to look for config that might pertain to this issue would be most appreciated. It's boggling my mind that configuration of this kind for the user is being stashed somewhere else!