Configuration Profile reinstalled randomly (only Mobile Devices)

New Contributor

Am I the only one? I have the problem that the configuration profile, which is automatically installed on an iOS device, is reinstalled after a certain time.

I can sometimes (not always) reproduce the issue by changing the device name and waiting, or by clicking Update inventory in Jamf Pro.

After that, configuration profiles are reinstalled although they are already installed on the iOS device.

The user has to re-enter his Exchange password or CardDAV requires a password after the configuration is reinstalled.

Configuration profiles that will be available in Self Service are not affected.

We also manage Macs in Jamf, we don't have any problems with that.

I've been in contact with Jamf Support for months, but I wanted to ask the Jamf Nation community if anyone had the same or similar problems and could possibly give me a tip.

  • Since February 2023 we have been using Jamf Pro Cloud (migrated from OnPrem).
  • Device Compliance for macOS and iOS
  • Cloud Identity Providers: Azure
  • Single Sign On: Azure