Configuration Profile Security & Privacy error

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I keep getting the below error when trying to configure something in Security & privacy. Any ideas?

Security & Privacy is not implemented.

Check the log for more information.


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I'm getting the same thing. My FileVault profile seems to no longer be working, and the last change I made was upgrading from 9.92 - 9.96.

I did see This Thread recommending database repair and optimization, but it seems in the thread it links that some people didn't have luck in related instances. I haven't tried it yet. If I get a chance to try it this afternoon, I'll post my results.

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I've got this error after upgrading from 9.81 to 9.96. I tried repairing tables per the thread mentioned above, and had no luck. My support has not been able to help me either.

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Just got a chance to try that database repair & optimization to no avail.

I checked earlier and if I create a new test config profile, the Security & Privacy payload can be applied and modified. I don't know my exact settings for that payload or I'd just recreate the profile and call it a day. Time for a service call...