Configuration profile - when it should apply

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I don´t know if there is a simple solution for this, but I cannot see any way

We have a configuration profile that ad a Machine certificate through AD CS. The issue is that when the mac is being enrolled, there in one of the first steps the user needs to pick a country and the mac is then re-named like AU-123456

However, the AD CS certificate has already been distributed to the machine before the machine has been renamed, so the certififcate is called like "admins macbook " etc
Is there a way to stop the AD CS to perform the certificate before the machine has been renamed ? or some kind of workarround to get this working ?


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This may not work for you, but I use a script to rename a Mac during provisioning, which occurs after login. I also have a smart group set to look for misnamed Macs that will just rename any badly-named Macs. If you can wait until later in the process to rename the Mac, maybe something like that might work?

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Have the rename process drop a dummy package or some kind of receipt. Then create a smart group based around the presence of that receipt. Then scope the Config profile to that smart group so it only triggers after the rename.

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Thank you very much for input. Was just thinking to much instead just doing the simple smart group stuff :)