Configuration Profiles - Assign to LDAP Groups?

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I want to be able to have a group of LDAP users have a specific application launch on login. When we were first setup, we were missing the ability to create Configuration Profiles so I'm not sure if this is something that is also missing and am looking for a quick confirmation.
Under Targets, I can only access Users, User Groups, Buildings, and Departments.
Under Limitation I only have Network Segments and iBeacons
Under Exclusions I have Computers, Computer Groups, Buildings, Departments, Network Segments and iBeacons.

I know Policies are handled under the Limitation section to be able to address the LDAP groups so was hoping to see the same for Configuration Profiles. Is what I'm seeing above correct or am I missing options?

Thank you.


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Configuration Profiles are applied either at a user or a computer level. I assume you are talking about configuration profiles for computers, so if you want to scope a profile to a group of LDAP users, go to Computers > General and select User in the Level pop up menu. Then go to Scope > Limitations > Add > LDAP User Groups and add the corresponding LDAP user group.

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Ahhhh, that was what I was missing, I wasn't changing the Level. Didn't think that changing that would have changed the options in the limitations. Thank you.