Configuring AppleTV Settings

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Greetings One and All!

Have to say that I am a bit proud of myself as I was able to manually add an AppleTV to our JAMF Cloud account. (Previous attempts took hours and were not completely successful.) The keys seemed to be 1.) Reset and Update the TV, 2.) Direct Ethernet connection between Mac and TV, 3.) Restarting the Mac when Apple Configurator reports a pairing failure because pairing was actually successful, 4.) Automated Enrollment.

I have been able to deploy a profile to the TV and I have been able to limit apps and media content. What I have not been able to figure out is how to preconfigure additional settings. I would like to be able to deploy consistent screen saver settings and change them remotely. More importantly, I would like to be able to configure each device with AppleID for the default user and for Home Sharing. I have not been able to find out where these configurations exist or how go about deploying these settings.

Is it possible? How do I make this happen?