Considering Shared iPads for Classroom

New Contributor III

So we have Apple Classroom set up and are slowly introducing it to our staff now. It's been a little bumpy getting to this point. This will eventually be used on 850 ipads that have already been set up through PreStage Enrollment... however, they weren't initially configured as Shared devices. It's my understanding that checking the box in Prestage Enrollment and assigning them to a class isn't enough to make them shared, but that we'd actually have to wipe each of those devices again, right? It'd be great if it could be part of a configuration profile...

Also, with Shared iPads, there's no way to bypass the student accounts to log in with an administrator account, is there? I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of not being able to control an iPad directly.

What is some feedback you have relating to shared iPads? Overall, is it worth it? What are your least favorite parts of it? Etc...