Control Center Setting Missing on Shared iPads?

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On our fleet of 6th Gen iPads (WiFi) running iOS 12, when we configure them as a Shared iPad, we lose the Control Center options in Settings.

The user still has access to Control Center via the swipe down gesture from the top-right of the screen, but the ability to add or organize the controls seems to be absent from the Settings menu.

Has anyone else observed this behavior? We are trying to add the Screen Recording function to Control Center and see no way to achieve this on our Shared iPads.


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Found this out yesterday too. Just been going through config profiles to see if it was a restriction but doesn't seem to be which is why I just googled this and found this post! Seems odd they can access the control centre but can't change it's settings. I guess this is just an oversight by apple. I don't think this is a jamf issue. We want the screen recording option also.

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Yes we discovered this problem this week during a lesson trying to use the screen recording option. Apple says that since it is a shared iPad and the control center is accessible prior to logging the ability to make those changes is disabled.

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We too just noticed this today when attempting to do a screen recording. Anyone know if this is something that is going to stay disabled or are they looking into changing this feature?

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I know this post was from over a year ago but has anyone seen any updates on this yet or heard anything from Apple. This is a tool that is so useful.


Hi, has anyone found a workaround for this yet?

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Is there any Solution or Workaround to fix this in iOS 13? We have several schools which miss this function very much

According to Apple it is still not possible:

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We use the Loom app (currently free for teachers) as a workaround solution.