Converting Jamf Admin configurations to sets of policies?

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It's been made clear through various posts on here that imaging is a thing that is going away, and presumably when it does the Jamf Imaging app will go away with it.

So in preparation for that day, is there anywhere a good step by step guide on how to convert a software configuration that's been set up in Jamf Admin with the priority levels and various options and whatnot, to a set of policies which will provide the same result (i.e. same applications installed in the same order, with the same reboots at the same places etcetera)?

Dan Jackson (Senior ITServices Technician)
Long Road Sixth Form College
Cambridge, UK.


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Hi Dan,

the simplest way is to use the DEP that enroll your Clients to your MDM. (but they must be Registerd as DEP Devices own by your Company). But you must create Policys with the Trigger "After Enrollment". For the correct order of the Installing Packages and Scripts you name the Policys and the Packages Alphanumeric. For example Policy01, Policy02 etc.

My recommendation is to Using Screen Layout for Enrollment like Splashbuddy. So you or the user will see what happend after Enrollment

On the the following site you see very much Information how it works, and what you have to do:

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So looking at this page it seems like I just need to create a separate category for enrollment policies and then just ensure they're numbered in the order I want them executed?