Copying a plist file with printer settings in it.

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We are using Canon MFDs with Uniflow as the print server.  There are a couple of settings that need to be saved in the default print profile that the factory defaults cause issues (A4 paper, 2-sided printing).

I use the CUPS interface to change the settings according to:

I have the plist file in ~/Library/Preferences/[printername].plist

I am trying to figure out how to get it into the user Library on each laptop.

Here is how I tried to solve the problem:

  1. In the JAMF Admin app I added the printer to the JSS.
  2. I changed the name of the plist file so Composer will detect it as a changed file.
  3. Ran Compose and changed the name between the first and second scan.
  4. Cleared out most of the settings that had nothing to do with the printer.
  5. Created a DMG file from the results.
  6. Used Admin to load that to the distribution server.
  7. In the JSS I created a policy with the printer, added the drivers as a package and also added the DMG file with the FUT and FEU options checked.
  8. I made it available through Self Service.

When I ran it on the test laptop there were no errors, but the plist file is not in the Preferences directory.

Did I do something wrong?  Is there a better way?


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Rather than messing with plists and trying to get all of that mess sorted out utilize lpoptions and lpadmin to get a script written and get it out to your clients in a policy. More info here