Could File Storage - Panzura or Nasuni experiences?

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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of Panzura or Nasuni cloud storage platforms?
Were just in the initial stages of looking at platforms/providers to reduce some of the issue we've been having.

Primarily workflows are for our Adobe users - Designers using InDesign, Photoshop etc. and video editing.
I've seen @slundy mention in a previous thread that they were having issues with Nasuni and similar workflows.

Any info greatly appreciated :) Thanks


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We're still having issues going on 3 yrs now with nasuni. We had to go up the chain of command to get a dedicated engineer to work with us. Due to the way mac's read network permissions/attributes we had to make some changes to each volume where it would show all files/folders instead of hiding the ones that people don't have access to. That sped things up a lot, but we're still having random disconnects on some machines where the users map a drive, they work on it, leave for the day , come back and it's disconnected, so they reconnect and it creates the new volume under /Volumes/Dept-1 for example, and that breaks any links to placed files in adobe docs. We also do use DFS, which may throw some other issues in there. Once we got up to the level of support we needed the guy was awesome to work with and very responsive and knowledgeable. I work in a non-mac friendly IT department (their first 'fix' was to have everyone switch to a windows pc, that went over like a lead balloon), but I'm slowly turning it around.

So support-wise they're great, once you get past the 'front liners' and get someone with a lot of experience.

As for Pansura, I haven't had any dealings with them unfortunately.