Could not connect to the HTTP Server - New user - Please help

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We are brand new to JAMF. I am doing some test policy writing with about 28 machines. I want the policy to create a user Sportstest on the machine and then place an icon (shortcut to a website) on the desktop for that user. I created the dmg file and put moved it to Casper Admin. The policy is erroring out saying it cannot find the file. The file is definitely on our server in the shared folder. These machines that I am testing are iMacs running Snow Leopard and are hard wired. We also use an authenticated proxy server.

Any help would be appreciated...

Here is a copy of the error (I have replaced our server and domain name with generic text):

/usr/sbin/jamf is version 8.71
Executing Policy Sport Test User/Icon...
Downloading http://servername.domainname:80/CasperShare/Packages//Sports Test Icon.dmg...
Error: Could not connect to the HTTP server to download Sports Test Icon.dmg
Creating user sportstest...
Running Recon...


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Either your http server is not properly configured, or it's not configured in Settings->Servers->Distribution Points (Edit your default one).

Who did your JumpStart? This is one of the first things I get established after the software is installed...

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@nstauffer, have a look at it might be applicable to your situation.