Crazy setup question: Auto-login, app launch, reboot

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Hey all,

This is my first time posting after using all your great resources for the past year, and I'm officially stumped.

We have a client who wants to use their Mac Minis to emulate the Google Hangouts via Chromebox for Meetings experience as much as possible. They'd like the following:

  • Automatically log in
  • Launch Chrome upon login at the Hangouts page
  • Relaunch Chrome if closed or quit
  • Reboot and re-login nightly

Is this possible with any combination of scripts, LaunchAgents, configuration profiles, etc.? Thanks in advance!


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I was thinking about doing something very similar.

I have a extra issue about chrome using a room google calendar.

The parts above could be done with a auto user login, just system prefs. A launch agent with keep alive set so if chrome quits it reloads. And the last one can be set as a profile in jamf to reboot overnight.

Let me know how you get on. I'll be looking into this more in the coming months.