create a .pkg in composer

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I have software that a teacher purchased for her classroom.  I'd like to be able to install it to her classroom mini's through jamf.  It's a dmg file and I believe I have to convert to a pkg file in composer.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Most dmg's i've dealt with, actually open to having a pkg in them. Otherwise, install it on your test machine and drag the installed files/directories into composer and then hit create pkg. Test, if successful, deploy.

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Assuming these are Mac Mini's and not iPad/iPhone Mini's. You need to open the .dmg and see what is inside of it. Some .dmg's contain packages you can just deploy as @Mr_Meaves said. Other .dmg's contain source files such as the .app you would put in the directories you want, and make a package with composer. Without knowing more its hard to say what you need to do. 


On a side note, depending on the contents of the .dmg; JAMF can deploy .dmg's as is.