Create smart group based on distribution list name


Is it possible using OKTA LDAP (no AD bind) to create a smart group based on DL membership?

Say I have a DL call IT-Team in AD and I want to target that group specifically for application deployment or something, is that possible?

Old way, which was kinda crappy, was to export list of all departments that we want to target and create a smart group based on departments, but thats kinda sucks and is not entirely accurate for what I am trying to accomplish since the app is restricted by license count.

Doing an LDAP search wont work either since it requires the credentials of the user and is not scalable in a script
DSCL wont work due to lack of AD binding



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@beeboo You can't create a Smart Group based on a user's OU membership, but you can target policies based on that. See this FR for a discussion: