Creating Boot Camp Installer via Casper

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I am currently trying to setup a BootCamp install configuration within
Casper, so I can easily deploy Windows in a dual boot config on our

I have been reading through the Resource Kit, and it's not looking all
too bad, however I do have a few questions so hopefully a few of you
Casper veteran's can give me a hand..

So far I have setup BootCamp and setup a test Windows config on a
machine. I then ran sysprep, and have shutdown the Windows side.. So far
so good..

At this point the directions say to boot back to the Mac side and
install ntfsprogs (which I have downloaded..)

My first question is how or what do I need to do, to configure this
file, and what exactly is this doing?

My second question (which I'm guessing doesn't come into play for a few
more steps but I'll ask anyway!), is at which point do I install the
sysprep.inf file to auto configure the Windows settings. Also how would
I install/inject that file via Casper??

Any help (or other pointers I need to know) is greatly appreciated!

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I will try to answer your questions below in bold text

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In response to Tom's last comment about booting finished Windows image to CD then running CHKDSK /R, that sounds like a good idea. I've always hated how large the WINXPSP3 images were, especially with the pagefile.sys in there. Will this get rid of that, too?

On another note, I also make a WinClone image of our WXP images so a tech can restore those one at a time without Casper or if it is a custom Windows image for a lab or something. Throw WinClone on the NetBoot image and we're good there. Often our teachers will wreck one OS side of their laptop but not both.

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I have used winclone in the past and you can actually deploy it via ARD
Admin if you want. I have never tried it, but there is a document
floating around the interwebs with a how to guideline to do so. However, I can use casper remote and ARD admin to reinstall windows, and
just Windows itself. The install script actually will pull the windows
down from the casper share.

You can log in as local admin, run disk utility and wipe out the windwos
partition and resize the volume so it is all one HD, then run the
script. It will, resize and pull down the image immediately and you
don't have to mess with winclone. When I was troubleshooting some
issues we had with our dual boot imaging set up, I would run the Windows
image script manually from the local admin account and watch what it did
line by line in terminal to show me what was going on.

So, you could easily use casper remote to mount the casper share, and
then run the script, but you would need to get rid of the current
windows partition since the script is reliant on what disk slice to use. You could also do that via a script.

Winclone, however, is a nice and free tool. So I suggest you try it

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