Creating Sierra Image

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Hi, I'm new to using Macs and administering them. I have a question regarding creating new images with Sierra as the OS. I've downloaded the OS from the App store, and I was just wondering if I have to re-package the "Install MacOS Sierra.dmg" in Composer before adding to Casper Admin?


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If you are trying to Re-image macs, I and most of the community that still does imaging use Autodmg to create your Base OS image and for creating a Netboot image AutoCasperNBI are both some awesome tools some members of the community created. If you are looking to upgrade the OS of current machines that aren't on Sierra yet. the latest 10.12.4 release has some new gotchas, but has a pretty good method for upgrading for most. Hope that helps. Also, check out Slack as there are some chatrooms that have Jamfer's Jamfing around at most times of the day.

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Thanks for the info Mojo, I'm going to check out the links you provided as well as the tools you mentioned.

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+1 on AutoDMG and AutoCasperNBI. Both are great tools for building never-booted images for deployment with jamf.

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Another one for upgrading the OS on Macs is Greg Neagle's createOSXinstallPKG ( There are a couple of gotchas to using this since Apple released 10.12.4, but being able to create automated installers has been money in the bank for me.

The obvious usage is for targeting a group of machines, like a lab, for overnight deployment, but I also have my automated OS installers served up in Self Service. It's a really good way to upgrade the OS for the user that is too busy to want to give up their machine, even for a couple of hours, but willing to initiate a policy right before they are ready to quit for the night.