Creating Student Standard account using sysadminctl

New Contributor

I found a script to delete users on logout and create a Standard account in Mojave. But I can't log into it. I have read here that it has to do with the security token side of things. It shows up under users and has a home folder. We are a school district and using this for a Mac lab without FileVault. I have been successful at creating and logging into the account when replacing "-Standard" with "-admin". But I don't want the student account to have admin privileges.
Doing this through Jamf school using scripts option "when user logs out".


sysadminctl -deleteUser Student
sudo sysadminctl -adminUser "username" -adminPassword "password" -addUser Student -fullName "Student" -password -admin

When replacing "-admin" with "-Standard" it creates a standard account that I cannot log into. We are not enabling FileVault.