Cumbersome Sign-ins

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I'm fairly new to managing Jamf, but not so much to its use. Right now I'm curious if anyone knows a way to help speed up the login process for my user's MacBooks. Right now, the computer boots to the login screen and users are prompted to enter their password to log into their local account. This then redirects to a Microsoft portal where the user enters their email. They click next and then enter their password (tied to Azure.) The next page prompts to verify the network password (ie enter same password for the 3rd time.)

My question is: Can this process be streamlined so that the user only has to login once to their computer and Jamf automatically uses their login info to continue this process? Sorry if this is vague. Please ask questions if need be.

Jordan Keller


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You're asking for single-sign-on (SSO) functionality. Look into Jamf Connect or Okta (just two solutions; there are others). You might also be able to somewhat leverage the built-in Kerberos SSO extension that's part of macOS -- it won't give you full SSO for everything, but it's a start (and it's free).

Thanks! I actually do have Jamf Connect. I'll have to mess around with it to figure out how to get a single sign on available for my users. Appreciate the response!