Cupertino Office Event, looking for feedback

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Hey Everyone,

A few months ago I hosted a meet and greet at our office in Cupertino. The turn out was actually really awesome and I am glad I got to meet some of you for the first time. I would like to do another one, either mid December or after the New Year.

This time around I would like to do a presentation and perhaps have some specific discussion points we could cover. I was thinking I could demo to everyone how I set up my local virtual test environments for development testing, proof of concept, and of course education.

So, I would like to know what dates work best for everyone, something early to mid December or after the New Year, since the holidays are coming up. I would also like to know what topics would you like to discuss.

It will the same as before, some food and beverages, discussions and demos. I look forward to hearing some of your feedback.



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I learned a lot at that meet and greet, can't wait for your next one. I will attend any time, but I think after the New Year would be best. :)

A demo of your virtual test environment, is a great topic!!!



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Tom, One of the things I found most useful about the last meet up was the unstructured discussion. It might be worth going around the room, asking people what they are working on and whether other people have solved the same issue, and how?

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Thanks @mikedodge04,

So, would you like an open forum discussion or more like an open panel? What topics would you like to have for the creative problem solving? I think this is a pretty cool idea and can open doors for everyone to collaborate on the similar issues we have as Mac Admins.


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I always prefer an informal, open dialogue with my fellow Mac admins. Preferably if there are cold frosty libations present, and perhaps some delicious nachos :)

Seriously, I get the most value from these sorts of free-form discussions versus a presentation (unless the presenter is open to active discussion of the topic at hand; you have done a good job with this in the past). Maybe an open forum on Casper 9 upgrade experiences/plans/horror stories?

My 2¢,