Custom Account Privileges to allow setting assign to user during enrollment


In Casper 9 using custom account Privileges I wanted to grant a student Tech the ability to enroll computer & users using the on the enrollment page ( The Tech is able to login to the enrollment page but they are not getting the page to assign users. The logged in tech is assigned as the computer's user and are sent to the download quick add package screen. The Techs that have Admin account Privileges can login, can assign a user, click enroll, and are taken to the download quick add package screen.

Anyone know what custom account Privileges are needed to assign the users during this enrollment process?


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Yes, they need LDAP lookup READ rights, which is not a standard enroll-only privilege.


Looking at the account Privileges for these users, the only reference I see to LDAP is under JSS Objects > LDAP Servers. The users have read checked next to LDAP Servers. Is there a different setting I'm missing?

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I realize this is an old thread, but adding "Update" privileges to the Group/Account for "Computers" and "Users" under JSS Objects will allow this feature.