Customizing Backblaze preferences

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I found the Backblaze plist. It lives in /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.backblaze.bzserv.plist.

I'm wondering if anyone has every locked down the settings so users don't change what we prefer for them to use. Some of the things we're looking to set for them:

  • Warning about not being backed up set to Never.
  • Lower the performance.
  • Lock the threads to 1.
  • Update the exclusions.
  • Block out the 'Enter Your Private Encryption Key'.

I'm ok getting around and setting plists, I just don't know how to deconstruct this app. I've asked in the MacAdmins channel for Backblaze and haven't heard back yet. I guess I can go with the nuclear option and just block the Preference Pane.


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@dmarcnw I may be wrong, since I don't have Backblaze installed, but I doubt the plist you listed is the plist that you're looking for. That's a LaunchDaemon plist, probably not something that contains preference settings. LaunchDaemons are typically something that launch helper or background applications and tools on startup or login, to make sure Backblaze is able to do its job.

For the plist that contains preferences like you list, I would look either in /Library/Preferences/ or /Library/Application Support/<some folder> or maybe in each user's Preference folder, like /Users/username/Library/Preferences/

See what you can find there.

Also, have you looked on Backblazes site for any help or technical guides on setting preferences. They may not have anything, but worth a look if you haven't already tried.