Customizing Cert Requests

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I am hoping someone has come across the same scenario or can point me in the right direction. We are using SCEP to manage and deploy device certs to our Mac clients. That process is working great; however, we have a need to customize how the MAC address is being captured and used for authentication.

For example, when the MAC address is captured, it comes across in the format of xx:xx:xx:xx. I am looking to capture as xx!xx!xx!xx

Is this possible within JAMF?


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Are you asking if there's a way to change the way the native Jamf computer inventory collection formats the MAC addresses? Or are you doing something in a script and need to reformat the way the MAC address looks?

If it's the latter, that should be easy to do.
If you were instead looking to change how the native collection for the Jamf Pro product shows the MAC address, I doubt there's going to be a way to do that. That's really not something you'd have access to manipulate without possibly making changes to the database, but I'm not even certain if that would do it.

Also, is there a backstory on why you need the MAC addresses formatted in that way that might help us understand the scenario better?