CyberArk EPM 11.9 and MacOS Big Sur Issue



Are there any other CyberArk EPM users out there who are using MacOS Big Sur? We noticed that once we upgraded our test computers from CyberArk EPM to or running any version MacOS Big Sur and Microsoft Defender ATP the touch ID stopped working on Intel 13" & 16" MacBooks (M1 MacBooks OK). Also jamf recon was unable to report on any hardware inventory items about the computer. If Apple System Profiler was run manually via the GUI no information was returned about the computer.

After many hours we traced the problem back to the CyberArkEPMWebServiceSession process starting up. The issue only starts on the second reboot and that makes the issue even more random. Sometime you can force the problem to happen without a reboot by getting CyberArk EPM to update the policies. Using a computer without Microsoft Defender ATP doesn't seem an issue with the hardware inventory reports but CyberArk EPM does stop Xcode Instruments from working. The program cant seem to get information about the computer hardware.

While we have raised a case with CyberArk about the problem and our fix for the time-being is not to upgrade the agent. This problem killed several days for us and if we can save someone else some time I thought I would give people the heads up and once we get the solution from CyberArk I will post an update.