Cylance Asking for Security and Privacy Approval Post-Installation (Big Sur and Monterey)

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Here's what I'm talking about:



I've tried several Configuration Profile configurations and followed the instructions as provided by Cylance, but what's pictured above still appears. For now, we've been manually hitting the "Allow" button to ensure that Cylance fully installs. 

Any advice would be appreciated!


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I had a similar issue with Crowdstrike, nothing I did would approve what appeared to be a system extension. However, it turned out that it was being caused by the enablement of a feature that provided some scanning of the bios, or something like that, which actually was using a kernel extension. We’ve since disabled this feature (which was not actually doing anything) and the prompt has been resolved.

Hmm good to know. Unfortunately, the attribute that requires a pre-approved Kernel Extension is a vital piece of the software. But you bringing this up has given me an idea, so I appreciate it! I know know that I need to approve legacy kernel extension in Big Sur and up.

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@swilliamshere Is it possible to share how this could be resolved? 

I was going to try these instructions from Apple that detail legacy kernel extension approval: