Deactivate Siri Big Sur

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Hello All. Lookin to see if anyone has build any workflows that work with deactivating Siri. I don't need to remove the app or disable the service. When we deploy a machine or repurpose it we just want siri unchecked in system prefrences and not in the menu bar. Some of our users do development or use machines for testing so we want them to be able to turn in on if needed however in the deployed state we'd like it off.  Id also like to be able to build a smart group that lets us know which machines have Siri enabled. The defaults commands still work as the logged in user but I can't seem to get it to work via policy.


Enable "Ask Siri"
defaults write "Assistant Enabled" -bool true
Remove siri icon from menu bar
defaults write StatusMenuVisible false

I know that many of the defaults commands in recent versions of macOS don't work or have been moved but these still do as the logged in user. Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated.