Decent "getting started" for Jamf Pro?

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I've just started a trial of Jamf Pro to manage our staff laptops. We're currently using SimpleMDM which is great, but we're moving to Jamf for the extra feature (such as Jamf Protect, self service, etc).

I've been a Mac user since 1984, and I used to be a Mac admin 20 years ago (the netbooting and imaging days). However managing Macs is not my full-time job at the moment, and I'm feeling lost to be honest. I'm going through the Jamf Pro admin guide but that's a reference more than a guide.

Is there any decent "getting started" guide for Jamf, that talks you through setting up groups of machines, doing some baseline configuration, managing users, and enrolling your first few devices?


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There isn't really a getting started guide and I know Jamf Pro can be overwhelming with all its features.  You can go through the free training material of the Jamf 100 :


Jamf also provides a 2-day JumpStart.  I know they have many different Jump Starts now so you would have to ask.


Also there is the Training Catalog (Which I am not sure if you have access to or not but its worth a try):


Hope this helps!

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In addtion to what @arivera mentioned, I would really consider taking the Jamf 200 training. It will give you a good overview of Jamf (although you will get some iOS training as well.)