Declarative Device Management - Updates

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Hi everyone,

I’m a little bit stuck with setting up Updates via declarative Device Managment on MacOS and iOS.

Fiddling with this for weeks without it working at all, I finally realized that when I set MacOS Updates to “Scheduled” and define the version explicitly, then this seems to work. The MacBooks get a new entry in the MDM Profile where it states, that this version is to be installed on the specified date. Additionally the user gets a notification that the update is scheduled and the MacBook even just installs the update on the specified date.. So.. YAY! :)

But for iOS I have no such luck. I know, that “Download, install, restart” as well as “Download and defer” does not work on iOS due to it not being supported. So for my understanding it should be possible to set it up the same way as for MacOS: Schedule and define the version. But there is nothing happening on the devices and to be honest: I have no idea where to check, if the action was successful or, if not, why not..

I also tried the Download and install (as in: right now) but this works neither. As well as the version: “Latest based on device”. So for now I have absolutely no idea what to try else. And maybe I’m just stuck in my own head.

Has anyone of you managed to successfully deploy a software update to iOS and what settings did you use (exactly)? I would really like to know..





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I am seeing the same behavior, really frustrating. Send the commands and just nothing happens. following thread/bump