Decommissioning old mobile devices - what are your workflows / best practices

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I will have a list of mobile (iPad) devices that will be shipped to a reseller.

What are your best workflows?
I will have a list of serial numbers in a .csv


End goal

1. ability to erase content / bring the device to setup assistant

2. remove device record from Jamf MDM

3. remove / release device from Apple School Manager / Apple Business Manager


I know this:
1. I can create a new PreStage and I can move devices from existing PreStages to specific PreStage using MUT.
2. Using MUT I can send mass erase commands
(does this sound right)

Don't know this:
While I've been reading on process to release en-masse from ABM/ASM I'm not familiar with.

How are you dealing with this?


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As long as the devices are still managed, the easiest thing would be to send the remote wipe command (clear activation lock, if applicable), and then release the devices in AxM.


Not sure how widely this trick is known, but it has been around for a while...  If you have a list of serials, you can past a comma separated list (e.g. SERIAL,SERIAL,SERIAL,SERIAL) into the 'Search' field in Jamf Pro and it will return any device found from that list.  You can then use the 'Action' option at the bottom of the list.  I've found this works for up to about 300 or so devices.  If you've got more than 300, repeat the process as necessary.  If you're talking thousands of devices, you may want to look into a script that leverages the Jamf Pro API.


You can do the same thing in Apple School/Business Manager (although the list does not need to be comma separated, you can simply select the serials from Numbers/Excel and paste directly).  You can then take action on the resulting list (e.g. Unassign or Release).