delay on getting commands

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We have noticed with our Jamf pro system that at times when we send commands to our ipads not all of them receive the command. 

For example we push certain configurations profiles let say to a 100, 80 will get the configuration but 20 will fail. this kind os sporadic behavior happens quite often with us. we have looked and looked and not able discover what could be the issue. 

This morning our ipads refuse to talk back to Jamf, we pushed an application to 20 devices and Nothing, then push an inventory command and no result. 20 our 30 minutes later out of the 20 ipads 4 of them installed the app. 

Any suggestion or recommendations?

Thank you 



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I currently have a case open with Jamf that sounds similar to what you are seeing. I have a number of iPads that are not updating inventory and hence not receiving apps/updates. I will let you know what I find out.

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It seems like our network was the root of the issue.  After connecting the devices to a mobile hotspot seconds later the all received the commands. 

So will continue to monitor this issue but everything in our case points towards the network.