Delete Mobile Devices and/or Users for Next School Year?

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Hi All,

I would like to do some housekeeping with our JAMF iPad database in preparation for next school year. Currently, we have an AD with Users (set up mid-way through the year last year), but almost ALL Users were initially manually created (my fingers ache thinking of the typing). We also currently utilize VPP with Managed App Licensing. 8th-grade students that have graduated (about 40) and a handful of faculty/staff have left. All middle school devices (about 150 students) collected this past spring have already been wiped (with the exception of about 35), but are still in the database.

I would like to start fresh (and so clean, clean) for next school year. Logically, it makes sense to keep the mobile devices in the database and delete all Users, updating the User database via AD bulk import. Then, in August, all students will enroll and log in with AD credentials and the Mobile Device information will update with the new User (is this true, or will it create a duplicate?)

Based on the general synopsis provided, is there a downside to deleting all Users AND mobile devices, then re-enrolling in the fall? Or, should I leave all as is, delete only those students/faculty Users that are leaving and let the database update itself after re-enrolling in the fall?

Any advice is much appreciated.