Deleted casper admin packages still showing in JSS

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I have create a few test packages and loaded them to capser admin. I have deleted those packages in casper admin but when I go to the JSS to create a new or duplicated policy, the packages I deleted in casper admin are still there ( in the JSS)

How can I remove those packages from the JSS?




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I think I just answered my own question. In the JSS I went to settings/casper admin/clicked on the package then options. Once in options on the package limitations section, set the stage to 'delete' then save.

Not sure if it the right way to do it, maybe someone could confirm this. I would had thought that once the package is gone from capser admin it will be automatically removed from the JSS as well.

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Did you Save after deleting them in Casper Admin? There shouldn't be a need to move them into a Deleted stage. Just delete them and make sure to Save in Casper Admin, which updates the JSS with the changes you just made.

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Yeah did try that but no luck... Will check a few things then try again. thanks

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You may also have to "replicate" your DPs. I've forgotten to do that once or twice in the past and had the same results... though that was a few versions ago!

P.S. you don't need to go into the package options either. You can highlight the package and hit the delete button at the top of Casper Admin