Deleting PreStage Enrollment

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Hello Jamf community,


We have multiple PreStage Enrollment (1 for each lab + 1 for employee laptops). Other than each one being used as a criteria to place devices into Smart Computer Groups, there is no reason for these to exist as they all have the same settings anyway. So I am attempting to simplify this by deleting all existing PSE and creating a new one (and checking the box for Automatically assign new devices). We'll then use PO number as criteria for Smart Computer Groups or just manually assign each device to a Static Computer Group.


My question is: what effect will it have on existing enrolled devices? If any of the existing devices need to be re-provisioned (e.g. a Macbook being assigned from a leaving staff to new staff), do we have to do anything special?


Thanks for any advice on the matter.


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It shouldn’t have any effect on existing enrolled devices. As long as the devices are scoped to the new PreStage Enrollment, if or when they are erased and setup for a new user, they’ll get the settings of the new PreStage. If one is missed and doesn’t get added to the scope of the new PreStage and gets wiped you can always add it and go through the setup process again to get enrolled properly.

Kimberly Trojanowski