DEP Listing Navigation?

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I tried to search around and didn't seem to get anything useful.

Are DEP device lists and Prestage Enrollment scopes supposed to have navigation to let you page through the devices? I can filter - but what if I just want to browse in the list of filter matches, or want to see beyond the list of filter matches that fit on the screen?

I'm not seeing any UI to let me step through this stuff.



By chance are you on a version prior to 10.2? There was a bug for awhile that you could flip between pages, apparently that's not a thing anymore with 10.2

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By chance are you on a version prior to 10.2?

Yep - 10.1. Skimmed the release notes and didn’t see reference, but definitely just skimmed. I’ll have to uograde a test instance to check it out and confirm.

Thanks for passing on that it should be fixed in 10.2!