DEP process for machines not purchased from authorized DEP reseller

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Just wanted to get some feedback on what other higher educations are doing for Macs that are not purchased through a DEP reseller or have not been purchased through the organizations DEP customer number. We have had departments with grants or foundation money that usually purchase the device with personal funds and get reimbursed. For IPADs i know we can use apple configurator to get them enrolled but for now we are stuck having some machines that are on DEP and others that aren't. Which can change work flows for setting the machines up and throw a wrench in the zero touch plan. Curious to hear what others are doing and if anyone has experienced this same struggle as they started using DEP.


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Yeah... at the moment Apple does not support adding unassociated Macs to your org’s DEP account like you can with iOS devices.

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Cry....because until Apple supports adding macOS devices, you just gotta manually enroll them.

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We use user initated enrollment for these devices.

Local IT enrolls the machines using a predefined temp user and password. Then our enrollment complete script then checks if this account exists. If it does it assigns a secure token to our local admin account and deletes the temp account.