DEP Re-Enrollment Best Practices

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

So I think I'm messing something up or missing something somewhere with my DEP devices. All of our devices are DEP, so when I receive one back from a user, I typically wipe the device using internet recovery, reinstall the latest version of macOS, and then delete the entry from Jamf so that it's ready to be setup again when we get a request for another user.

However, doing that I've discovered that machines typically miss DEP when I go to set them back up, and looking under our prestage deployment they're occasionally holding onto their old assigned status. I can get around this by going to the apple business manager, assigning the device to another tenant and then reassigning it to our Jamf Prod tenant, but that obviously can't be the correct solution...

Am I missing something? Is there something in Jamf prestage I need to flag to get it ready for a fresh DEP enrollment?