Deploy Canon Uniflow Follow Me

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I receive from Canon a SmartClientMac.iso package to deploy the UniFlow client and printer include settings.

The SmartClientMac.iso is not supported in Jamf and its not possible to deploy.

Inside the iso there is a dmg and a plist /jpg and ds store file.

I already tried to convert the iso to dmg with the disk utility and after this deploy but it doesnt work.

Is there a way to deploy the UniFlow client include the settings?



there should be a generated file within that DMG should be a hidden file called .tenantcfg.plist, (sounds like you have already found it)

you need to make sure thats in the same directory as you place the pkg when you install..  use composer and shove both in a directory you want to install it from and drag it to a blank dmg in composer and just load it up, run it with a script or installer command in the policy

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I create a workaround and so far it works fine.

I put the iso file in a tmp directory and create with the composer a pkg package.

with the installer command I mount the iso file and the employees can install the UniFlow software and printer.

Unfortunately I didn't find a way to install the software and printer silent.