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I receive from Canon a SmartClientMac.iso package to deploy the UniFlow client and printer include settings.

The SmartClientMac.iso is not supported in Jamf and its not possible to deploy.

Inside the iso there is a dmg and a plist /jpg and ds store file.

I already tried to convert the iso to dmg with the disk utility and after this deploy but it doesnt work.

Is there a way to deploy the UniFlow client include the settings?



there should be a generated file within that DMG should be a hidden file called .tenantcfg.plist, (sounds like you have already found it)

you need to make sure thats in the same directory as you place the pkg when you install..  use composer and shove both in a directory you want to install it from and drag it to a blank dmg in composer and just load it up, run it with a script or installer command in the policy

Hi there,

I am working on setting up Uniflow deployment for our organization and would love some more specifics on how to execute combining the plist and the pkg in Composer. I do have the .tenantcfgplist separated from the .pkg. I have tried many options, but I don't know how to combine them correctly. I have tried dragging in the .tenantcfgplist into the .pkg, and then I build it as a flat pkg, but that hasn't worked for me. Would you mind sharing more details of your installation, upload, and deployment? 


Attaching a link to view where I dragged in to the plist to the .pkg.

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I create a workaround and so far it works fine.

I put the iso file in a tmp directory and create with the composer a pkg package.

with the installer command I mount the iso file and the employees can install the UniFlow software and printer.

Unfortunately I didn't find a way to install the software and printer silent.


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I was able to get our package ready for deployment with the hidden plist included.

Instructions on how to do so from a uniFLOW software engineer:

There is a hidden file outside the pkg (.tenantcfg.plist), which is needed for a successful installation of the SmartClient. With JAMF, the customer would need to use Composer to create a new uniFLOW SmartClient package, which would include the proper tenant details. This would require them to use Composer with the New & Modified Snapshot option. This would also require the customer to have a valid Apple Developer ID (Which they no doubt already have if they are using JAMF). The steps would be as follows:

  • Use a Mac that hasn’t had the SmartClient installed
  • Generate the SmartClient installers within the uniFLOW Online portal 
  • Download the uniFLOW SmartClient for Mac
  • Start Composer
    • The customer will need to download Composer from JAMF on to the Mac
  • Make sure that a proper certificate is chosen within Composer → Preferences → Build flat PKGs (Checked) → Sign with: (Checked)
    • More information on this here.
    • The customer should already have a certificate with which they can perform the signing of the .pkg
  • Use the New option within Composer
  • Then choose the New & Modified Snapshot option 
    • It should then take a detailed “Before” snapshot of the Mac
  • Install the uniFLOW SmartClient for Mac completely 
    • But don’t log into uniFLOW Online to tie it to an account, just close that window that prompts for a login
  • Then, go back to Composer and press Create Package Source
    • It should then take a detailed “After” snapshot of the Mac
  • Once it’s finished, click Build as PKG and save it on the Mac
  • Then, the application can be added and pushed/installed via JAMF

The instructions above were built using a JAMF Now (JAMF Fundamentals) subscription. They could vary dependent on what version of JAMF the customer is using. This should still, however, aid in guiding the customer on how to create a .pkg file that can be pushed via JAMF to the uniFLOW SmartClient for Mac.

this doesnt work, it says the package is not compatible

I am not sure - the steps above came from uniFLOW engineers, and deployment worked perfectly for the group of individuals that we are testing uniFLOW with. However, we are running into some issues with installation on Ventura OS that we haven't ironed out yet.

yeah we are not even contemplating Ventura right now, have to say the client is still a bit ropey, the reports from our windows guys on our much bigger estate is not positive..  a new agent is coming out soon however i hear..

you are correct, i am on Ventura

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Hi, thank you for the hint to look for the hidden .tenantcfgplist file. I was installing the PKG in the ISO file through policy and it was always failing. Now I know why :-) 

What I did, is build a PKG in Composer with the SmartClientForMac.pkg and the .tenantcfgplist file located in /private/tmp and a postinstall script that kicks off the SmartClientForMac.pkg. This works like a charm.

Also included a uninstall script in my policy (just in case) based on the included uninstall-smartclient.bash script located at /etc/smartclient after running  SmartClientForMac.pkg. This scripts obviously runs before installing the PKG.

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hi @kgeerts  can you share your steps? when i run composer. do i need to create /tmp? do can you also share the postinstall script? where do i put the postinstall script.


much appreciated.

Are you on Ventura OS?
This worked for me before upgrading. Now it doesn't

Same situation here. These steps worked for me before Ventura OS. I did receive a notification that there was a uniFLOW update 3 days ago, so I am going to recreate the package today and try to deploy to a machine on Ventura.

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Any news about this! I am on Ventura trying to figure out the best/easiest and most zero-touch based solution for distributing SmartClient to my clients...

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I am still unsuccessful with the packages I have built. The uniFLOW app is installing fine, but the "Secure Printing Input" printer & driver is not installing on Ventura. Has anyone been successful with repackaging and deploying to Ventura?

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I created a walkthrough of how to create this package. Canon uniFLOW Smart Client for Mac: Creating a Useable PKG Installer


nice work! i'll give it a try

@andymason are you using composer on Ventura?

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Yes the latest with the rapid security update. 

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Now my question is defaulting the uniflow printer to push only black and white and 2 sided as the default.

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