Deploy Custom Zscaler Login Process

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I've been asked by my org to attempt to mimic the experience windows users encounter with Zscaler.

A team member would login to a windows device with Azure credentials, then I believe the login would pass a Primary Refresh Token to Zscaler and the end user doesn't see the Zscaler login screen.

We do enable Intune Integration for macOS with Azure in our Jamf Cloud for conditional access, so I'm wondering if anyone has any idea if its possible to pass the end user information to Zscaler.

Has anyone else taken this on? 


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I deploy Zscaler, but I need to get my users to sign in to Zscaler when I setup their Macs. It is made more complicated by the MFA/2 factor sign in all our apps must use. I have seen other posts from people using intune that say they were able to get Zsacler to work, but they did not go into detail.


You cannot mimic the windows install, and i've gone round and round with Zscaler on their adoption of the mac platform, and they are limited....Login will never be automated with the mac version of ZSC, at least that is what they told me directly.  Having said that, if anyone has any additional details, im all ears!

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When I onboard a new employee with Zscaler, or if I set up a new Mac, Zscaler launches but no one has logged in yet. I have the employee login and then on subsequent reboots or logins, Zscaler is remembering that user's login.

Is this not the behavior you're seeing? The Zscaler window does pop up, but users just close it and the menubar icon statys running.

Seeing the username drop out after first login, others on the team are looking in to see if the console is receiving the login information ..