Deploy Flameshot

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Hi all,

i'm trying to deploy configuration profile with a screen recording enable for Flameshot.

the issue is i cant create  a configuration profile due to missing signature.

when i try to create a profile from the PPPC utility i get error " the executable  may not be signed" and by running 

is someone managed to work it with it and/or managed to create a configuration profile for unsigned application?

Thanks in advance



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As per the documentation (which is correct), Apple does not allow any MDM (or configuration profile) to enable screen recording in macOS. The end user must do this manually. It is the bane of existence as Mac Admins that we cannot programmatically set this setting. But Apple has drawn a line in the sand and likely will not budge on this. Only end-users can enable Screen Recording in Security & Privacy. There is more discussion at this post, including info about how supervising your devices can help you get part of the way there (but not all the way).

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Hi @damienbarrett,

Thanks for your answer, thats i know, and also from the post you mentioned here, the user have to check the box in order to allow the sharing screen, but for my case with Flameshot i cant even do that due to as mentioned the application is not signed, that's why i cant even create a configuration profile or allow the screen recording