Deploy iPad apps via self-service for all devices and push to specific groups?

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Hi all,

I've seen some threads from 2017, which I'm not sure if they're still accurate.

I have iPad apps that we've got in Self-Service. I want to push these to specific groups, while still leaving them in Self-Service for everyone else.

I'm trying to push a list of apps to JK/SK classrooms that I know need them, while still having the apps be available to the rest of the schools/classes on Self-Service.

I don't see a way to do this, but I'm hoping there's something I'm missing.



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The option to "install automatically" vs. "Make Available in Self Service" is independent of the scope.  In order to have one app install automatically for some users, and optional for others, you would need to have two different app catalog items for each app.  Each with different scope and distribution method setting.