Deploy users and FV2 during imaging

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Ive been trying to find a way to do the following during imaging:

Deploy an admin account via a policy, then enable FV2 via another policy.

We cant use the create user in Casper Imaging as we need to deploy 2 different user accounts and we dont want to know each others passwords (we also dont have a directory service).

I already have the policy to create the local admin accounts set up and the FV2 policy and these both work but only if you manually create an admin account in imaging too.

Is it possible for jamf imaging to perform both these tasks? e.g Put the 2 local admin accounts on the machine then enable FV2?



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Download CreateUserPKG Here. This will allow each of you to create a user account and bundle it into a package that can be run in your config when imaging.
Below is an image of how it looks in our casper admin repository. We update our admin user accounts yearly hence the duplicates.


Try Referring to this for the FV2 issue