Deploying Automator .workflow files

New Contributor

Does anyone have tips on how to roll out a simple .workflow file using Jamf Pro? I have a pretty simple Automator .workflow file I would like to deploy, but am not clear how to do this.

I read this post:

...but it doesn't seem to have any answers except for this bit that is pretty old from @mm2270:

Along with the above steps, you'd also of course need to deploy the .workflow file into the user's /Library/Services/ directory.

If I recall when I had done this, I think a service or application needs to be restarted in order for the Finder to recognize the newly installed service and shortcut. I think actually its the Finder itself that needs the restart, but I'd need to go back and look again.

Note that I haven't done this since around 10.9 and early 10.10, so I don't know if things have changed with 10.11 and 10.12 now.