Deploying Malwarebytes Breach Remediation


Does anyone know how to deploy Malwarebytes Breach Remediation

A lot of the information here was helpful and applies to Breach Remediation too.
Deploying Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

However, on first launch Breach Remediation asks for a Registration Key. When I type my key in it adds the license info in the preference file in the users home folder.

I tried moving that file to
then created a new user but it just gets ignored and asks for the Registration Key again.

The contents of com.malwarebytes.breachremediation.plist look like this.

Converted Binary PList: {

"NSWindow Frame MBAM-Mac-MainWindow" = "655 8 600 500 0 0 1440 878 ";

SUEnableAutomaticChecks = 1;

SUFeedURL = "";

SUHasLaunchedBefore = 1;

SULastCheckTime = "2017-04-28 19:53:58 +0000";

SUSendProfileInfo = 0;

active = active;

didCheckRemoveHelperTool = 0;

licenseAgreed = 1;

licenseAutoRenew = 0;

licenseEndDate = "2030-10-43 00:59:59 +0000";

licenseKey = "this is my license in plain text";

licenseTermEndsOn = "2030-10-43T00:59:59.000+00:00";

licenseTermType = subscription;

licenseVolumePurchased = 5525;

licenseVolumeUsed = 2;

machineID = SAD7923NSDGL2035AB923N924NDJEI4OMVUUE34a3cbd24b2bdc474a9a78b33376e56612



I have only use the command line version of MBBR, but whenever I run that, I first run the command to check the license server as the key is only valid for 14 days.

sudo mbbr register [-key:<prodkey>]


Per MalwareBytes support
"The CLI App, and the GUI app are seperate clients"

So doing sudo mbbr register
does nothing for the GUI app, it still asks for the registration key on first launch even after I run that command prior to first launching the GUI app.

Their response to mass deploying a custom .pkg with the application already licensed:

"Thanks for bringing this need up. At this time the GUI Client does not contain this functionality (to inject the key into the package), but my Devs are looking if there is a work around. If not now, this is now known as a feature request that has their attention."

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I had exactly the same experience, I asked support if it were possible and subsequently to file it as a feature request. They weren't all that interested, however I later chatted with a senior member of the Mac division at Malwarebytes and he was more supportive of the idea.

Here's hoping they are able to implement that one soon!

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I do not use the software (sorry to hear that the vendor is not following Apple's guidelines on it and making it more manageable by placing the plist in the /Library, rather than at the Users level), though I am wondering if you had tried using Composer to snapshot the installation, create a DMG, and fill in all user templates?

It is not a .PKG, but this might be one of those rare situations where a DMG may have to do?